Thursday, May 4, 2017

and now for a Commercial Break

I've been working with AMA SEABEAUTY for about a year by providing them with pictures of their products and with their storefront at 506 State Street, in Santa Barbara. They are California's premiere Seaweed farmers and have formulated natural products for the body . You can find out more information about them at and their products at:

As part of their Marketing strategy, they wanted some "clean" images.  I suggested we shoot everything using high-key lighting against white backgrounds so the images could be combined with text for advertising materials
Andrea Ama

For lighting I used three of my Paul C. Buff studio strobes, 2 - Einsteins and an Alien B1600. For my key light I chose the Alien Bee, with a Beauty Dish and Diffusion Sock. I prefer the AB1600 because it lighter than the Einsteins and easier to position during a shoot. One Einstein was used for the rim light with a strip box and the internal diffusion screen and grid in place, and the other Einstein was for the background with barndoors and bare bulb.

After adjusting the output from each strobe, the settings were:

  • Key: f/10
  • Rim: f/13
  • Background f/16

I set my camera to f/8, or f/9 depending on the skin color of each model.

Ama Jazz

In addition to the lights and modifiers, I also used a tri-flector to provide me with clamshell lighting. The picture below does not show the final position for the key light, it was set just high enough above the reflector that I can photograph the model using a 105mm field of view.

Now it's time to get back to work. As always, please feel free to comment, or ask questions.


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