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Sam, I Am

I find it amusing to look back and reread my past blog posts and count the frequency of entries when I returned to Photography, back in 2009. The fascination, albeit almost obsession, with rediscovering a craft was exciting and combined with collaboration made for a fun and challenging experience that I felt needed documenting. Now, coming up on 10 years, the posts have significantly tapered off as "life gets in the way" and collaborating became a chore. I recall many conversations with other photographers who enjoyed the challenges of shooting Landscapes, Street, Architecture or Macro, but I couldn't quite grasp their excitement with photographing those genres. After experimenting with those other genres and realizing how much more in control you are of your sessions, it made more and more sense. Now when I look through my Photostream, I see a shift in Subject Matter and what has become more important to me.  Sometimes it's about Creativity, sometimes it

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