Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seeing Blonde

Impact Blue

March has been really fun breaking in my new motorcycle, however; I managed to fit in four photoshoots.  The first two shoots were for local HOOTER girls, Brittnay and Jackie, who needed images to submit for the Annual HOOTERS Calendar Girl Contest.  This was my first time photographing Brittnay and my third time photographing Jackie.


Both sessions were shot On Location, one at my friend Shelli's House and the other along the Kern River.  I really didn't learn anything from either shoot, but had a good time working with both young ladies.  Crossing my fingers that they both make it in.


The third shoot was with Shelli, who had recruited some models to shoot at The Padre and at Minter Air Field in Shafter.  I was supposed to have the day off, but trying to shoot during the work week is difficult.  Too many work-related projects going on and so I ended up only shooting for about an hour at each location.  I managed to work with Jessica at the Air Field, and once again we managed to get some decent images.
Military Triptychs Back in 2010 I photographed Suicide Girl Jessica, but we haven't been able to sync our schedules since then.  Fortunately I had a cancellation and was able to have her participate in my Tatt'ed Sheets Sessions.

As you can tell by the brevity of this post that I'm way too distracted with my motorcycle and just don't feel like "creating" images.  Photography takes a lot of planning and coordination to put a session together, and then after the shoot there's the post-production.  Riding a motorcycle also requires planning, coordination and focus, but when I'm done with my ride I feel rejuvenated.  Hmmm....anyone wanna buy some Photography Equipment?  Hahaha.

Round Mountain Road So what do I have planned for the balance of the year?  Absolutely nothing Photography-related.

Friday, March 1, 2013

First Impressions


I still stay in touch with my model friend Taylor, who is currently serving in the U.S. Navy and is stationed in Japan. Taylor messaged me and said that she found my next muse named Jessica.  Jessica and Taylor went to High School in Hanford, and Taylor suggested that I collaborate with Jessica.


As I've mentioned in the past, first shoots can be awkward since the model and photographer haven't  established a rapport. I contacted Jessica and we tossed around some ideas about our first shoot. I also decided I needed to get out of Bakersfield and shoot in Hanford. Locales that may be boring to the local residents can be interesting to fresh eyes.

Weather for our shoot was supposed to be sunny and in the 60's, wrong.  It turned overcast, windy and cold.  Neither of us were dressed for the cool and windy weather, but Jessica was a real pro.  She never complained and kept on shooting even when the weather got really cold.
Rust Diptych Our first locale was the Kings River bed, but there were too many ATV'ers and people, so we drove down the rode and found a nice spot.  The sun began to break, but also the wind picked up and then clouds began to roll in.  Ugh...I'll take sunny, or cloudy, but partly cloudy really sucks because the light is all over the place.  I was going to use a softbox, but with the gusty winds, I opted for a bare flash and a 1/4 CTO gel.  I also set my White Balance to Flash to help warm up the rather cold looking light.

Portra 160

We shot along the riverbed for about an hour and then made our way downtown. I spotted a rusty building facing west and figured it was time to bring out Nikon F5.  I chose Portra 160 since I knew it would pretty bright and that I could shoot it at ISO 100 and get some really nice color.  As we got out of my truck, the wind began to blow and the cold air was less than refreshing.  We did manage to get some really interesting images and then decided it was time for a wardrobe change.
Prior to picking up Jessica, I drove around Downtown Hanford and saw China Alley, which is a small street lined with structures that had a somewhat Asian decor.  We headed to China Alley in hopes of shelter from the wind, but it didn't seem to matter.  I also used bare flash for a few images, which really works with Jessica's facial structure.

China Alley

We finished shooting and dropped off the film at a local Walgreens.  After dinner we picked up the Prints and CDs.  I gave Jessica a copy so she could review and assess our work and decided if we should work together again.


What Did I Learn?

  • Not all First Time shoots are mediocre - I really enjoyed shooting with Jessica, I think we understood what each other wanted.  She made the headdress and found a dress that met my expectations.  She posed and moved very well.
  • Pack Warm Clothes - Usually I leave a sweatshirt in my truck for the model in the event it gets cold, but forgot I washed it and it was back at home keeping the dryer warm.

I have to admit Jessica really kicked butt with her posing and her expressions.  She has a very good face and physique for fashion.  I am thankful to Taylor for introducing me to Jessica, and "Thanks" Jessica for agreeing to work with me and I hope you had a fun time.  I'll see you in March!!!

... and of course some Outtakes just to show how fun Jessica is to work with. :)


Grubbing Jessica


If you follow my blog, you know I really focus on photographing female models by themselves; however, my cousin is getting married in June and asked if I would photograph her engagement photos.

She and her fiancĂ©e live in San Diego, so Teresa and I took a quick trip to visit and shoot at Balboa Park.  The weather was somewhat overcast and cool.  Being a weekend, the park was pretty crowded, but we managed to get some cool images.

Single speedlight and umbrella, with Teresa acting as my Voice-Activated Lightstand (VAL).  Teresa did a great job and the soon-to-be couple did really well, too.

We shot for a couple hours and I think I gave them what they wanted.  I did enjoy the shoot and it was really nice seeing my cousin and Ricky.

Can't wait to attend their wedding.  Love you Lexie!!!