Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ride First, Shoot Later


David, Jesse, Ro and I have been planning a Beach Trip to Pismo Beach since we purchased our motorcycles.  David was the only one who had two confirmed models (Brittney and Chase) and I had two confirmed flakes, but didn't know until I arrived in Pismo and couldn't get ahold of either model.


The plan was to drive from Bakersfield to Pismo Beach early Saturday, shoot from 3 until Sunset, spend the night and head back in the morning. David asked Make-up Artist Ande to tag along and we would pay for fuel and food, in addition to images.

We arrived in Pismo around 2:00 PM and checked-in to our rooms.  I messaged both "confirmed" models and No response.  Really!?!  Ande proceeded to do the make-up on David's model while we got our gear together.  The sky was overcast and temp was in the mid-60s.  We rode to Dinosaur Caves, shooting location, at 5:00 and meet-up with David's other model, Chase.  Thank god his models came through.  Chase pulled up in her jeep and stepped out,  "Whoa!!!" was the first thing that came to mind, she looks tall.  In fact, Chase is 6'4" and thin.


Almost all shots are Natural Light, aside from the top image which was assisted by Roy.  An SB-900 with 1/4 CTO gel shot thru an umbrella camera right. We shot for just under two hours switching between the two models and several outfits for chase.



Once it got darker and colder, we thanked Chase and headed to Splash Cafe for a dinner break.  If you haven't eaten at Splash Cafe and ordered their Clam Chowder bread bowl, then you're missing out.


We wrapped up the evening photographing Brittney with Available Light.  We White Balanced using "PRE" and that seemed to have done the trick.  I really wanted more emotive images and Brittney completely understood.  All images were shot with my 50mm, around 1250 ISO and f/2.0.


We headed back to Bakersfield around 9:30 AM on one of the windiest rides I'd ever want to do again, but that's a different story for my other blog.


Big Thanks to David for arranging models and being a great guy, Roy for being my VAL (Voice-Activated Lightstand) and Jesse for transporting Brittney to and from the Beach.  To Ande, for being an awesome person and Make-up Artist, and Brittney for "getting it".

Friday, May 3, 2013

Gettin' Twiggy Wit It


After our brief shoot at Minter Field, Jessica and I decided we would do a Twiggy-style shoot.  We discussed wardrobe ideas and sent pictures back and forth. We wanted to do something a little different and with an emphasis on fashion.

I ordered some red Japanese paper lanterns to match Jessica's red dress and thought I would be able to place speedlights inside for lighting.  Some ideas sound good on paper, but once I tried lighting them, it just didn't seem to work.


Once we had the wardrobe and set decided, I messaged Make-up Artist Clara to see if she wanted to help us out.  Clara said she loved Twiggy and was excited to collaborate.  Everything came together pretty easily which usually means a positive shoot.


Jessica showed up and her hair and make-up was impeccable. She changed into the red outfit, along with some really cool earrings and necklace.  I setup the lanterns and we began shooting.  I used my Thunder Grey paper backdrop, White Beauty Dish for key, Strip box for rim and bounce off garage door for fill.  At one point, I raised the garage door to shoot some Natural light and use my Nikon F5.  I forgot that I loaded Portra 160 film and forgot to change the ISO from 400 to 160.  Ugh....  The images above and below were shot with Natural Light.


Jessica then changed into a Teal Sweater.  We did a couple shots outside and then back in the studio for a few headshots for Clara.  Typical Clamshell lighting with the Beauty Dish above and silver reflector below.

Teal Diptych

I then changed the background to a white muslin and switched my fill as a background light by shooting it through the muslin.  This image is definitely my favorite from our shoot.



We decided that adding Sophia (my Vespa) in the shoot would lend to the 60's theme we were attempting to recreate.  Pretty basic lighting, but what I really liked was Jessica's posing.  She does an excellent job prepping for a shoot.  She has poses in mind and can pull off many looks.
Jessica and The Wasp


Then it was time to have some fun, so Jess changed into a black dress and we played around with the lanterns.  This was my favorite from that series.

Float We had been shooting since 2:00 PM and it was now 8:00 PM.  Where did the time go?  Jessica switched to a red sweater and we finished off with some more sultry looking images.


Diagonal Since we shot in the studio, there really wasn't anything new I learned; technically.  This was definitely the first shoot I've done in a LONG time that both Jessica and I got to be creative and the time just flew.  Of course I have to include an Outtake, which includes my cat, Tiffany, hiding behind Jessica.

Cut!!! Get that Cat outta there!!!

Big thanks to Jessica and Clara for helping create some pictures that I even like!!!