Monday, January 10, 2011


We happened to be visiting my Dad this past weekend to set-up his Christmas present.  While we were moving items around, Teresa mentioned that she would be willing to scan the thirty, or so photo albums my Father has in his home.  In one of the stacks of albums, we found some of pictures he took with his Camera Club while attending San Diego State between 1947 and 1951.  My Dad's photos were shot using a Canon 35mm and a 50mm f/1.9 Prime lens, and were developed and printed at a local film lab by my father.  So why the post? I figured my readers will finally find out where I inherited my love of photography. Sit back and enjoy his photos, albeit the digital scans pale in comparison to his original printed images.

So thanks Dad for passing on the Photography "gene", and the on-going support and kudos.  I love you very much. 

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As an aside, January is starting out slow, which is intentional, but I will be shooting a Wedding Reception on the 15th of January.  Until then, "That's A Wrap!!!"