Thursday, April 3, 2014

One Quarter Down

It's hard to believe that March is almost gone and I've only had five shoots in 2014.  One session was a paid gig, so I'll omit images from that session.  One was for a Hair contest, one for a Photography Group Throwdown, another for a quick meet-up and most recently a Beach shoot.

Icy Steel
I've realized that with very little shooting, my "strobist" skills "on location" are uber-rusty. Specifically forgetting how to configure my speed lights and PocketWizards. When that happened, I ended up using Nikon CLS, which can work sporadically. Towards the end of January, I wanted to take some pictures of my "toy" car and met-up with some photogs for a nighttime shoot.  Needless to say, the images came out crappy, but I'm never afraid to post sub-par images.

In an attempt to be creative, I decided to participate in a local groups Photo Throwdown.  Although the Throwdowns have been fun, I still miss the original point of the Throwdowns which forced us to think quickly on our feet with only an hour to shoot, minimize the use of Photo Editing and really know your gear. This contest required us to shoot at a locale new to model and photographer and each  had to provide a prop.

The image was shot with an AB1600 and a Beauty Dish camera left. If I had to do it over, I should have backed off the power on the key light about a half-step.  Oh well, chalk it up to infrequent shooting.


About a week before a planned camping trip, Jenna asked if I was heading to the beach.  It turned out that she was heading to Pismo Beach and so were we.  We shot between 10 and Noon, mostly with available light and my California Sunbounce.

As always, it's always fun shooting with Jenna.  Hard to believe it's been over four years since we first started working together.  Not only has she become more beautiful, but also grown as a model.

Winter Fun
Time to go camping, or on a ride with my buddies.