Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Illusive Photography 2014 - Year in Review

It is that time of year where I look back at my photographic progress for 2014 and comment on the Most Viewed, or Fave'd Images from each session with some comments.


The purpose of this session was for Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist Sydniiee to submit an image for Hair Styling Competition with Model Jenna volunteering for the session. This image was shot with 3 blue gelled strobes and an "ice" filter applied in post.  Without the "ice" filter, Jenna's skin was too warm, so I wanted to cool it down to give the image a Lycanthrope feel.  It's hard to believe that Jenna is under all that hair.

Icy Steel




First time I worked with Angelica was for a Photo Throw-down.  This image was close to what I wanted, but trekking around with more than one studio strobe, battery pack, boom stand, sand bag and a Beauty Dish is way too much of an effort for me ;).  This image could have been better if I shot it at 35mm focal length, moved in closer and framed it in Landscape Orientation. This area is where all the feral cats in Hart Park reside, so the ammonia smell from their scat is overwhelming.


Mid-March, Jenna and I met at Shell Beach to photograph some of her vintage swimsuits, isn't it interesting that the Most Popular image is Jenna only wearing a high-waist bottom? I wish I would've brought a rake, or something to smooth out the sand.



Primary Threads, a BMX and Skateboarding Clothing company out of Australia, provided Jenna with some of their merchandise to model. I'm always honored that she asks me to shoot with her.  This image was what I wanted, but I'm sure they weren't pleased.  It's black and white and the clothing is burgundy and grey.  We did provide them with several color images, but this one focuses on their logo.


The last time Eddy and worked together was back in October of 2012. I asked if we could re-shoot our Poler series, but this time with more of an athletic feel as opposed to a Gentlemen's Club ambiance.  I forgot that when she is on the pole, I need a lot more vertical space.  I spent most of the time shooting laying on my stomach.

Inversion 2

June: of my favorite sessions for 2014.  This was our 5th collaboration and Joy wanted to shed the "Girl Next Door" image.  Shot using Ilford XP2 Super 400 film and only Natural Light, this is one of my two favorite images. I can nitpick about the image, but overall I do like this image.

Ilford XP2 Super 400

This image is the other favorite from the session which also was highly viewed.  Shot inside my Abarth with Available Light.



I've had good luck photographing "models" outside of Bakersfield and stumbled on Erika through a co-worker.  This image had the most "Faves".  Lighting was provided by a 4' x 6' 1-stop scrim placed between the sun and the model. there's a bit of chromatic aberration on the her white shoes.  I really prefer the black and white image posted following this one.


In fact, I liked the B&W image so much that I had it printed 22" x 36" and mounted. No special lighting, or modifiers.



Another "Reunion" of sorts with Model Jessica, who moved down to San Clemente, but happened to be in Hanford for a week.  Notice a recurring black unitard theme?  Shot at 12:25 PM, no modifiers, just direct hard sunlight.


Primary Threads Pt. II - Jenna asked if we could shoot some more Primary Threads "merch", but also with some video.  Instead I opted for shooting Super 8, which I haven't shot since College.  Although the "views" and "likes" are non-existent, I'll post the video.  

Primary Threads from Alan Antiporda on Vimeo.


A photographer friend suggested I shoot with Kaitlynn and said I wouldn't be disappointed.  He was right. I haven't shot an image using a wide angle in a long-time, but felt the POV would accentuate her long legs.

Platform B




Then the highlight of 2014 happened, the birth of my first grandchild. Princess Zelda was born on November 1.  This has to be my favorite model to date.

Son and Granddaughter

I haven't given much thought to 2015 and what photographic goals I wish to achieve.  I am working on shooting a Super 8mm Film and will re-visit my White Sheets Sessions with some new models.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!