Saturday, May 10, 2014

Poler Vortex

Back in August 2012, I photographed Poler Eddy for a Pole Dancer themed shoot and although I think I accomplished my goal, I really didn't display the strength and beauty of what she can do.  Originally I wanted to shoot back in 2012, but after our Padre shoot Eddy informed me that she and her Husband were expecting.

Baby Poler
Fast forward 18 months later and their daughter is a toddler and Eddy is still working the pole.  So I reached out to her and she was interested in helping out.  Eddy has a portable pole and we determined it would fit in my garage.  We reviewed other poler images on the web and decided to shoot it in black and white.

Inversion 2
I decided I would use a combination of Available Light and Artificial Light for a majority of the images.  With the garage door open, my exposure readings were f/5.6, ISO 400 at 1/125 which turns out to be an excellent overall "fill" light when using strobes.


After several wardrobe and background changes we wrapped within two hours.  See if you can guess the lighting for each image.

What Did I Learn?
  • I really need wider and taller backgrounds when shooting polers, the two backdrops are 10' feet wide and my garage is 8' tall and with the Eddy being 5' 6", she would exceed the framing.

Of course, what's a shoot without a Behind-the-Scenes image.  So here is my Hi-key set-up without infringing on's newest Patent on shooting against a white background.

BTS: Poler Reloaded