Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tatt'ed Sheets


When I feel uninspired I'll shoot a theme from the past. It's been almost two years since I've shot a White Sheets Session and decided I needed to add to the Series. I photographed Brittney at Pismo Beach in May of 2013 and hadn't had an opportunity to work with her since that time. Reluctantly she agreed to work with me on adding to my White Sheets Session, I also let her know I would shoot some video.

Brittney BTS The lighting for the session was nothing new, a strobe placed behind a white muslin at Full Power, a Beauty Dish for key and another strobe bounced off the garage door for fill. The above diagram shows the setup.

Tempted Once we were done shooting with the dSLR, I turned all the strobes to full power, moved them around to get a decent lighting ratio. I mounted my Olympus PEN e-PL1 to a DIY Slider. It took only two takes to get the footage I wanted. Brittney did an excellent job taking direction and it shows.


In post, I bumped up the exposure about a full stop and slowed down the motion by 50%. I originally used Usher's "I Don't Mind" for the music track, but as Facebook pointed out I didn't have a license for use. So I purchased a license for "Suppressed Emotions" from www.melodyloops.com and looped the track for the duration of the video. Oh, I used Adobe Premire Elements 13 to create the finished video, below.


What Did I Learn:
  • Shooting video requires different skills and planning as opposed to still images. I'd elaborate, but that would put everyone to sleep. Suffice it to say, I will shoot more video in the future. Actually it will be Super 8 film and not video.

Stay Tuned, I'm actually working on a script and a 3:00 minute film.

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