Friday, April 6, 2012

Fine Crystal

Down Time

Back in August I had some Family "stuff" come up which had me ease up on my photography.  During that time, I kind of withdrew from photography groups and focused on ore important things.  Last week, my friend Robert put out a challenge, a.k.a. Photo Throwdown, with a simple theme.   Take a picture with a model that evokes "Spring."

First thing that came to mind was a pin-up style shoot with a Spring Cleaning theme.  Fortunately one of the models in the group hadn't been snapped up yet, so I messaged her and everything came together rather quickly.  Studio shoot with a few costume changes and props.  My original idea was a vacuum the was sucking up her dress, but my lighting just didn't seem to work.

Oh Kirby

After a wardrobe and background change we went for a tourist kinda look.  I love it because Crystal has such a retro look and understood what I was going for.  Usually "First" shoots are always awkward, but Crystal made it a fun experience.

What Did I Learn?  Well it was a "studio" shoot so I'm sure I could have used a rim light, or b/g light, but I wanted this to be a quick shoot and opted for a key, rim and fill.

Carry On

This last shot was for my friend Yvonne, who own Cordoza Deli and Vineyards in Petaluma, CA.  Thanks Crystal for working with me on such short notice and for being both professional and accommodating on our shoot.  Hope we win the Throwdown!!!

Will Cook...